Gull Guard Products. East Kent Gull Guard systems to protect your property. Chimney cradles, chimney balloons, lining systems, ridge lines, pigeon spikes.

Gull Guard Products


As each problem we encounter is different, there is no fixed charge for a Gull Guard or other product. The Guards and Lining Systems are made according to the particular specifications of each job and the cost is therefore based on the labour and materials required to tackle each case. We are, however, only a phone call away and will happily come out and provide you with an estimate (at no charge) once we have seen the site and decided on the best solution for you.

Gull Guard photo

Gull Guards

These guards are made from 6mm round mild steel. The shape and light weight of the guard prevents it from interfering in any way with the chimney flue. The steel is welded into shape to exactly fit your chimney and is then paint-treated to enhance its durability. Finally we cover the unit with galvanized aviary netting 12mm x 25mm unless the chimney is used for log/coal burning when we use a heavier gauge netting on the top. Guards covering 4 to 6 pots are made in one piece and are fixed at two points, whilst those with 8 pots are made in two parts (purely for the safety of our installation engineers) and these fix on at four points. Once the unit is in place it is completely safe and causes no resistance to wind.

Chimney Cradle photo

Chimney Cradles

Sometimes it is the gully behind the chimney that requires protection. To this end we have designed various types and styles of guard which fit snugly into this area. We call this a Chimney Cradle.

Lining System photo

Lining Systems

Areas of flat roof can be protected by our Lining System which prevents gulls from landing. A frame is fitted on two sides of the roof approximately 300mm high allowing us to run lines to create a ‘cats cradle’ effect. Tensioning produces this and your roof is not penetrated in any way. We also have solutions for roof valleys.

Ridge Lines

Our Ridge lines are made from galvanized wire and can be fitted as a single or double line according to the width of the ridge. We also fit lines to ledges and window sills to prevent birds soiling the area beneath.

Chimney Balloon photo

Chimney Balloons

These are designed for the protection of chimney flues from starlings, jackdaws to squirrels etc but would not be suitable for the prevention of seagulls. The Chimney Balloons come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials ie: terracotta, heavy duty black mild steel and the galvanised as pictured.

Pigeon Spikes photo

Pigeon Spikes

Spikes are not suitable for seagulls but are ideal for preventing pigeons roosting on window sills, guttering and pipes. Unlike seagulls, pigeons nest all year round and are therefore an ongoing and expanding problem.

Birdcombing photo


Is an effective way of preventing starlings and other small birds getting under your tiles and nesting in your eaves.