Advice by Gull Guard. Some do's and don'ts regarding Gulls and other birds. Kent Gull Guard systems to protect your property.

Gull Guard Advice

Clutch of three chicks photo A young seagull in the harbour

Do not feed the seagulls as they are very intelligent. Once they have located a source of food it won’t be just the family turning up for dinner!

As the Herring Gull is protected by law, you should not put up unsuitable netting or chicken wire on chimneys. Gulls get tangled and can become injured or hang dying on your chimney. This is extremely cruel and may result in your prosecution. All our products are gull/bird friendly.

If you find a young gull in your garden, do not let children or pets approach it as the parent birds will swoop down to protect their young. This can and does in many cases result in injury. In protecting their offspring, the parent gulls are only reacting as any parent would.

We hope the above is of interest to you, please get in touch if you have any questions or queries. We will be pleased to help.