About Gull Guard. The history and how we help people in Kent. Chimney cradles, chimney balloons, lining systems, ridge lines, pigeon spikes.

About Gull Guard

Gull Guard Vehicle photoAbout 12 years ago, we set up Gull Guard, a company which has gone from strength to strength and whose market continues to expand across domestic and commercial sectors.

Set in Dover, Kent we have been featured in both local newspapers and nationally in the Daily Telegraph. We have been featured on BBC South East and are recommended by the The Seagull Trust, Bird Rescue Folkestone and Shepway District Council.

Herring Gulls pair for life and have a very strong family instinct. Once a gull nests on your roof, you have a friend for life as the average life span of a Herring Gull is 30 years. Every year the Herring Gull returns to the same nesting site to lay 3 eggs usually in April and it is not until around August that the young start to leave the nest. The fledgling chicks will not become adults for another three years but until then will return with their parents to the nesting site each year to help protect it and any other new offspring. Once they do start to breed, they choose sites very close to their parents. Huge colonies form, all looking out for each other.Chicks in the Gull aviary photo

Made to measure, our Gull Guards fit snugly over your chimney pots and our Cradle Units in the space behind the chimney stack. We have also devised a Lining System to protect flat roof areas. Spiking is for Pigeons and does not work for Herring Gulls, in fact you are doing the seagulls a favour by installing spikes it holds their nesting material in place!

Our Guards and Lining Systems have been proven to prevent Herring Gulls nesting on domestic and industrial roofs but we would like to balance this equation. Over the years we have become involved in rescuing young gulls and injured adult gulls, rehabilitating them before releasing them back into their environment. We are also regularly called upon by the RSPCA and RSPB to assist them in their recovery work.

A Valley Gull Guard photo

We pride ourselves on our service. If the customer is happy, they recommend us to others. Almost all of our work comes to us this way.

Herring Gulls are a real problem here in the South East as in other seaside areas. We are happy to give advice and give informative talks to clubs and schools to enable people to have a better understanding into the fascinating world of the Herring Gull.

Dave Apps
Managing Director